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"FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £60.00” U.K. mainland only
"FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £60.00” U.K. mainland only

D6125 - 1" round (25mm ) OR 7/8"square (22mm) Tube Angle legs dark colour felt

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Product description

Designed specifically to fit angled furniture legs that do not have a swivel tip, the 6125 Flexi-Felt® model fits round tubing of 1 inch (25mm) and square tubing 7/8" (22mm). Its patented design allows the entire felt to remain on the floor regardless of the chair leg angle, greatly increasing the durability of the felt and preventing the accumulation of dirt under the felt. The product is guaranteed for 5 years. 

For easy installation, coat the inside rim with diluted liquid soap ( 1 part soap to 20 parts water approx) and slip over the upturned chair leg. DO NOT USE GREASE OR OIL AS THIS WILL INVALIDATE THE GUARANTEE


6100 series have a bulge partway down the tube. This bulge acts a bit like an elbow. For angled chair legs you put the chair leg part way into the 6125, then you place the felt bottom flat on the floor. After that you push the chair leg all the way to the bottom. This should result in the felt laying flat on the floor for even wear of the felt. These can be used for angled or vertical legs.

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Sold individually or in multiples of 100 units sufficient for 25 chairs/desks. 
Marilyn Shorrick

These were the reason why we wanted to bring FlexiFelt products to the UK. Having paid an arm and a leg for the transportation direct from Canada to use on the chairs in our community hall, we were so impressed with the difference they made to the noise level, we knew that these were the ultimate floor protectors and noise level reducers.

SJH Harris

No more scraping and scratching of chairs on the floor. Happy congregants as they are free to follow the service in our Synagogue without noise and a happy Maintenance manager that there is no damage to the hard floor.

Michael Leitner

For many years now we have had the same chairs in our morning room. These had tubular steel feet with a vinyl foot at the end of each leg. These feet would wear down quite soon and leave unprotected chair legs which dug into the vinyl and left scarring and permanent damage to an otherwise perfect and long-lasting flooring. All of this changed the day we fitted your unique and marvellous product The chair legs are now well protected, with a hard-wearing set of rubber feet with thick felt pads that were easy to fit and grip the end of the feet well. The chairs now " glide " easily along the flooring with absolutely no noise and leaving no markings whatsoever or indentations of the vinyl floor covering. I am happy to " highly " recommend this product for home, office or school use.

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